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After yesterday difficulties during the longest task of this World Championship (much appreciated by all pilots also because they flew in Slovenia, with a wonderful scenery), today’s task was 100km long, almost all over the plain.

Three turn points were scheduled: the first one between Povoletto and Cividale del Friuli, the second one at Rivoli di Osoppo and the last one just over Tarcento.

Due to a weather situation really different from yesterday, with humid air in lower layers which not permitted to the pilots to achieve a great altitude as Damiano Zanocco, “meteoman” of the event told us), pilots had immediately to choose the strategy just after the start.

A group made by about ten pilots flew just over the “south way”, but it has been a bad choice because a lot them had to land after few chilometres and on of the first one was Matthew Barlow from New Zealand. The best pilots classified, chose instead the hill way, increasing their altitude (more than 1000m) and speed (about 55km/h). In the group we remember Austrian Manfred Ruhmer (who had a trouble yesterday and made an early start with penalty), Italians Ploner, Laurenzi and Ciech and Slovenian Klemencic, with Japanese Tanaka and Sunama and Brazilian top pilot Glauco Pinto.

Coming back to Rivoli di Osoppo, Ducth Arne Tanzer (who already gave hard time to adversaries during one of the last tasks), flew over the flat zone, taking some risks as Italian local Suan Selenati, arriving first at the second turn point together with Pinto and Woehrle.

In the fight to the last turn point, three groups have been made: the first one chose to lose some time finding good thermals at north position; the second one, at the center, arrived first at the turn point and the third one, coming from south, took more time due altitude and speed lower. The “north group” made also by Ciech, Ruhmer, Tanzer and Laurenzi changed its trajectory intercepting Pinto, Woehrle and Selenati, hoping to not have to stop later before final landing. Between Artegna and Magnano a lot of pilots found a really good thermal and it allowed to Colombian Daniel Velez to take the lead of the race following by Tanzer and the strong Italian Marco Laurenzi, another time in the best positions (and if we think that this is the second World Championship for him, we can say that he will be one of the top Italian pilots in the next future).

Austrian Ruhmer, Italians Ploner and Laurenzi, Germans Gricar and Doenhuber, gave chase to Velez and Ruhmer at about fifteen chilometres to Bordano overtook the Colombian, earning in a few time many seconds.

The best surprise for the fans were at the landing field, were suddenly a group made by about seven pilots arrived at more than 100km/h: Dutch Tanzer and Italians Ploner and Laurenzi were the first three in goal, just under the watchful eyes of team leader Flavio Tebaldi, who has proved another time his skills.

This is the classification for the first ten pilots in goal; after all checks, it will be available at the website  https://airtribune.com/22nd-fai-world-hg-championship/results. We remind also that on our official FB page and at the official web site www.italy2019.com, we will publish the unofficial results of the task every evening and, every morning, the official overall one.

Please, have always a look to the official classification after, because changes will be possible according to leading points etc.

  1. Marco Laurenzi (ITA) 02.25.32
  2. Arne Tanzer (NED) 02.25.33
  3. Alex Ploner (ITA) 02.25.39
  4. Daniel Velez (COL) 02.25.45
  5. Gerd Doenhuber (GER) 02.25.54
  6. Primoz Gricar (GER) 02.26.28
  7. Filippo Oppici (ITA) 02.27.10
  8. Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) 02.27.13
  9. Christian Ciech (ITA) 02.27.19
  10. Minoru Kato (JPN) 02.27.29

Fotogallery is available at FB official page.