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After ten amazing tasks, in Tolmezzo just ended the closing ceremony of XXII World Hang Gliding Championship.

Competition has been organized by Flyve, AeroClub Italia and Lega Piloti, in cooperation with Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Promo Turismo FVG, Comune di Tolmezzo, a lot of other municipalities and the sponsors, with about 130 pilots from thirty different countries presents.

An hard work has been done, with an average of about seven thousand daily people in the locations interested by flights, as reported by Sergio Emidio Bini, Tourism Assessor of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Italy won both team and individual classifications, with Alessandro Ploner and Christian Ciech first and second: the award ceremony has been really exciting, with a lot of authorities on the stage. We remember also that Primoz Gricar from Germany arrived third in the individual classification and the podium of team classification has been completed by Brazil and Germany.

After yesterday’s speech of Flavio Tebaldi, Italian team leader, today we talked with Fabiano Nahoum (Brazil) and Regina Glas (Germany), both really happy and enthusiastic.

“Flying over here has been more than amazing, we found a fantastic organization and the final result for us is incredible”, said Nahoum. “Two years ago, at home, we finished eighth and in Italy we arrived second. What’s changed? Simply: wer’re now a group, made by friends before pilots and when it happens, you arrive to achieve the best results. And believe me, that’s like a dream for our team what happened here”.

Germany arrived third after an awesome battle against Austria and Japan. Regina Glas commented: “The best World Championship ever. We’ve never found an organization like this one, congratulations to Flyve and everybody who was involved. We flew from lands to mountains, for more over 200 km, never happened before. It’s been an honour to fly here, if there will be the opportunity we’ll come again.  All the team lived these days as to be at home, all the people were friendly. A fantastic experience”.

To achieve these results, as reported above, it’s crucial to have a cohesive group and Flyve demonstrated it.

“Before speaking – told us Bernardo Gasparini, Flyve’s boss- “ let me say many thanks to all the people who collaborated for this event. It’s not been easy, but the result has been extraordinary and we’ve received congratulations from pilots, delegations and FAI’s members. We worked also for our territory, Friuli Venezia Giulia, to try to increase the people who want to visit this beautiful place and in cooperation with Regione FVG, Promo Turismo FVG and all municipalities, we’ve reached the target to be worldwide know, also with the live broadcast of the event on our FB page. Pilots has been amazing, they fought from the beginning to the end, also yesterday’s last task has been uncertain until the goal. We’re studying some new projects and we’ll reveal them as soon as possible”.

We spoke also with Giovanni Rupil, another member of Flyve, safety director for this world event: “I agree with Bernardo and let me say also thanks to everybody. I’m proud about the safety work done, just think that – as reported by race director Luigi Seravalli – during daily tasks we arrive to enable all pilots to take off in less than forty minutes. Also Damiano Zanocco, responsible for weather forecast, done an amazing job: everyday he took us where the weather was better, and into an area like this one, believe me, it’s not easy.  At the HQ, more than three people followed the tracks of each pilot minute by minute and in the only two difficult situations occurred, rescues has been alerted so fast, as discussed in our briefings and this is credit for Soccorso Alpino, every time ready to go in case of emergency. We’re now ready for other challenges!”.

World Hang Gliding Championship just declared closed, but in Flyve’s HQ people is working to new wonderful events. Keep in touch on socials, to be informed for all news.

At FB official page you can find the fotogallery of closing ceremony.