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After the awesome day of yesterday and more than 200km flown above Alps, today’s task has been scheduled all in Italy, from Monte Valinis to Bordano, for a total length of 95,5 km.
Four turning points set today, located near Montereale Valcellina, Malnisio, Pian del Cansiglio (Piancavallo) and the last one closer to Buja.
Pilots followed – almost at the beginning – ridge of mountains, just to find altitude and more speed, with thermal really different from yesterday.
Swiss Peter Neuenschwander (sixth in the overall calssification with 5807 points) followed by Franz Hermann and Zack Majors, turned so quickly the first “barrier”, having to stop after few time to increase altitude.
Ruhmer, Canadian Smith and young Italian Laurenzi, escaped to Pian del Cansiglio, following the fastest way above the valley, earning more than 3km of distance from chasers but having to stop as well and losing the gap. Italians Ciech, Ploner and Oppici, Neuenschwander, Ruhmer, Sandoli and Pinto (from Brazil), found good values near Castello di Aviano; Laurenzi had a little stop, but turning the point in the leading group. During the long way to Buja, pilots mixed valley and mountains, searching the compromise to be safety about speed and altitude and be careful to not lose a lot of time. The fantastic winner of yesterday, Edoardo Oliveira, had some troubles, maybe tired after the incredible long task; for Italian Selenati another bad day, with an early landing after choosing to start from the second window: we should remember it because he never gives up.
Near Meduno, Ruhmer and Laurenzi lived the first difficult moment in their World Championship: they chose to fly following different ways, both losing altitude. Laurenzi found only in the end a thermal to increase his meters; Ruhmer instead arrived to fly at about 600m. Ciech, Kato, Ploner, Pinto, Velez and Oppici caught a thermal above Travesio, following the mountain line, increasing altitude enough to point the last turning and fly as soon as possible to land.
Meanwhile, Neuenschwander and Gricar preferred to have a long stop up to the mountains, earning altitude and speed before flying to Buja at more than 80km/h, with an amazing idea.
The last part of the task has been a fantastic sprint between Ruhmer, Neuenschwander and Gricar, and at few chilometres to Bordano, Gricar overtook Ruhmer arriving first, anticipating Austrian Ruhmer and Swiss Neuenschwander.
Not a wonderful day for Italy, with Ploner and Ciech out of top ten: waiting for the official classifications, the last task will be crucial and they would have to be extremely careful about Gricar, Alonzi, Crossingham and Neunschwander, who are fighting for the third place of the podium.
In the team classification, after task 8, Italy was first with 1922 points on Brazil and 2326 on Germany, today winner as said with Gricar and fifth with Woehrle. We’re living a battle for the podium between Germany (16828), Japan (16447) and Austria (16387) and the last task will be decisive.
This is the classification for the first ten pilots in goal; after all checks, it will be available at the website  https://airtribune.com/22nd-fai-world-hg-championship/results. We remind also that on our official FB page and at the official web site www.italy2019.com, for the last two tasks we will publish the provisional results during evenings and, during mornings, the official overall and team ones.
Please, have always a look to the official classification which will be published later, because changes will be possible according to leading points etc.
N.B: please take a look to FB page, because probably tomorrow we won’t fly due to the mandatory rest day. We’ll publish in this case a post as soon as possible (within this evening).

  1. Primoz Gricar (GER) 01.59.17

  2. Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) 02.00.10

  3. Peter Neuenschwander (SWI) 02.03.31

  4. Mario Alonzi (FRA) 02.06.35

  5. Roland Woehrle (GER) 02.06.44

  6. Marcelo Andrei Gomes da Rocha (BRA) 02.06.56

  7. Glauco Pinto (BRA) 02.07.17

  8. Daniel Velez (COL) 02.07.20

  9. Andrew Hollidge (GBR) 02.07.27

  10. David Brito Filho (BRA) 02.07.27

Fotogallery is available at official FB page.