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Come with us to the take off and have a look to each pilot: you will hear the heartbeat, you will be so excited, something maybe never thought before. Close your eyes, imagine: a jump into the void, but from the sky – and expecially if you fly in Friuli Venezia Giulia- you may attend an amazing scenery: probably, you will fall in love with this wonderful sport called hang gliding.

In the days where all whole world is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the first man landing on the moon (we’re talking about the American trio made by Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins), the seventh task of XXII World Hang Gliding Championship has been about 128km, with a superb weather which allowed to fly at more than 2000-2200m.

After take off from “Monte Cuarnan”, all pilots stopped just over “Monte Chiampon” so close, where usually good thermals are present.

The leading group was made by Peter Polach (Czech Republic), Mario Alonzi (France), Daniel Velez (Columbia), Yuji Suzuki (Japan) and an Australian pilot, which flying already at more than 80 km/h. Selenati, living here and knowing these skies, tried another line with some others.

Pushing forward to the first and second turn points located near Treppo Carnico and Rigolato, lot of pilots increased their altitude climbing at 6-7 m/s and arriving at about 2800m; also Polish Przezdziak was inside this group.

Arne Tanzer (another good start of task for the young Dutch) turned first; after him, among others, Daniel Velez, John Smith (New Zealand), Galovec, Peternel and Klemencic for Slovenian team and Tullio Gervasoni for Italy. Velez tried to escaped to Rigolato, flying also over “Monte Zoncolan”, one of the most famous and hardest mountains to climb.

Just before flying across Fella river, the group leaded by Austrian Ruhmer together with Alonzi, Velez and Alex Ploner had a stop to earn altitude, really important before the last turn point located near Faedis, just a few chilometres from Slovenian border.

Closer Gemona del Friuli, mostly decided to fly over hills, extending the line but being sure to have enough speed and altitude to arrive to the last turn point and came back to Bordano for landing. Slovenian Matjaz Klemencic, Peter Polach from Czech Republic and Polish Przezdziak, flew following the shortest way but, nearly Nimis and Attimis, he had to land due low altitude.

Ciech and Ploner turned around the last point a little bit far, but earning meters and speed; coming back to Bordano, at about 20km from the goal, Ploner made a kind of miracle escaping and arrived first in goal in 02.41.52. Only the strong Austrian Manfred Ruhmer hedging bets, landing at about 4’ from him. Third another Italian who made a great task, Filippo Oppici (fifth times gold medal at World Championships), arrived at more than 10’ from the leader. Fourth German Primoz Gricar and fifth Christian Ciech, who had to stop in the last chilometres to avoid worse troubles but finally arrived in a good position expecially thinking to the overall classification.

This is the classification for the first ten pilots in goal; after all checks, it will be available at the website  https://airtribune.com/22nd-fai-world-hg-championship/results. We remind also that on our official FB page and at the official web site www.italy2019.com, we will publish the unofficial results of the task every evening and, every morning, the official overall one.

Please, have always a look to the official classification which will be published later, because changes will be possible according to leading points etc.

  1. Alex Ploner (ITA) 02.41.52
  2. Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) 02.45.15
  3. Filippo Oppici (ITA) 02.51.42
  4. Primoz Gricar (GER) 02.52.16
  5. Christian Ciech (ITA) 02.52.52
  6. Mario Alonzi (FRA) 02.54.20
  7. Glauco Pinto (BRA) 02.54.23
  8. Alvaro Figueiredo Sandoli (BRA) 02.54.56
  9. Marcelo Andrei Gomes da Rocha (BRA) 02.55.04
  10. Dan Vyhnalik (CZE) 02.56.46

Fotogallery is available at FB official page.